Brand Platforms & Visual Identities


Our branding work starts with understanding your market,  your products and services and who you're competing with. From there we work closely with you to develop positioning and messaging that will appeal to your target audience which then gets visualized in an identity kit and brand bible.

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Know Before You Go

Brand & Competitive Audit

Hydro will gather and analyze existing client assets, including existing audience and industry research, review and audit current brand  positioning, and provide a summary of competitive positioning and marketing.

Our Brand & Competitive Audit includes:

  • Audience and Industry research overview
  • Brand positioning audit-Competitive audit for up to three competitors
  • Brand & Competitive Audit Findings
Brand Positioning

Brand Workshops and Platform Development

Hydro will lead workshop(s) with brand stakeholders, either in-person or remote to discuss, debate, and reach a consensus on the foundations of a brand platform. Designed for brands seeking to gather valuable input from internal stakeholders and reach consensus on goals, objectives, target audiences, and the brand's why.

Our brand platform services include:

  • Discovery calls and meetings
  • Existing asset review/audit
  • In-person one-day workshop
  • Workshop findings review
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Brand Messaging Framework

Hydro will create a brand messaging framework that clearly defines the audience, ideals, aims, reasons for being, and benefits for each. All messages will consider the bigger picture of the brand and the specific aims of each product or service offering and will be arranged hierarchically to convey messaging priorities and communication goals.

Our brand messaging frameworks include:

  • Brand and Campaign Messaging
  • Audience-specific communications grid
  • Calls-to-action

Brand Identity Kits

Hydro will illustrate and visualize the fundamental elements of the brand to complement and reinforce the desired feeling, tone, personality, and takeaway. Hydro will also provide clear usage requirements and rules of engagement for any partners, wholesalers/distributors, and co-branding efforts.

Our brand identity kit includes:

  • Brand book
  • Color and font exploration
  • Logo design
  • Wordmark creation and tagline integration
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