Branding & Marketing

Through a highly collaborative process, Hydro works with clients to develop the strategies, positioning, messaging, identities, campaigns and content programs needed to bring their brands to market.

Brand Platforms & Visual Identities

Our branding work starts with understanding your market,  your products and services and who you're competing with. From there we work closely with you to develop positioning and messaging that will appeal to your target audience which then gets visualized in an identity kit and brand bible.

Brand and Competitive Audit

Know before you go with an audit and analysis on how the competition is positioning themselves in the market. Understand how your brand stacks up to the competition in terms of search, social and overall messaging.

Brand Workshop & Platform Development

Leading a workshop with brand stakeholders, Hydro will vet, reimagine, and codify the brand beliefs, values, mission, vision, audience, voice, personality, and tone and then develop a platform that clearly defines how the brand is positioned and what it stands for. 

Brand Messaging Framework

Designed to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, the brand messaging framework will define the customer facing language for all brand communication.

Brand Visual Identity Kit

A brand bible that illustrates and visualizes the fundamental elements of the brand complementing and reinforcing the desired feeling, tone, personality, and takeaway with clear usage requirements and rules of engagement.

Marketing Planning & Campaign Development

With a clearly defined brand platform and messaging framework in hand, we work with you to plan your marketing strategy and develop the supporting paid media and content marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

A well-defined strategy and plan on how to bring your brand and its products and services to market with recommendations on tactics, audiences and budgets across paid and owned media channels.

Campaign Development

Campaign concepts and executions and the ad, email and content templates that bring your brand’s positioning and marketing strategy to life.

Content Planning and Development

With a clear plan on how your brand should leverage content to attract, engage and delight potential customers, Hydro will map out editorial calendars and develop the supporting content.

Branding & Marketing Portfolio

Browse a portfolio of branding and marketing work we have done for our clients

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